Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Never got past pilot number 2...

Well, this post has been a little longer coming than planned. I had meant to post it a couple of days after the last but a heavy workload of late made mincemeat of my plans... but on holiday now and feeling calm and collected (at least by my standards).

So, last time I introduced you to the Amazing Screw-On Head who only got a single episode of his tv show and now I'd like to introduce you to another hero whose adventures were cut tragically short of... well... getting a second episode.

Fantasy fans I give you...

Korgoth of Barbaria!

Korgoth of Barbaria is a parody of classical sword and sorcery by way of old school roleplaying and modern 'alternative' animation stylings. The primary source is presumably Conan the Barbarian but it does seem to draw fairly broadly from the genre.

It's funny stuff in a pretty low-rent style (entirely appropriate to it's subject).

Interestingly, despite the classical fantasy setting, it's actually set in a post-apocalyptic future. Not quite sure where that came from ideas-wise but could have been interesting. Maybe some time-travel fun further down the line? Certainly it also had something of a 'Heavy Metal magazine' vibe about it too... not to mention a pretty heavy soundtrack to go with it... most notably used in a montage sequence around the middle of the episode.

Anyway, it's fun, if not spectacular stuff... except... well... watch the opening credits and tell me that's not a show you wanted to see go to at least a season?

Huh? It's a girl chained to a tree!


  1. I found the Amazing Screw-on Head to be, well kind of eh. But this. Oh this is amazing. So rude, gross and tragic, all in one. It should have at least had a few more episodes.

  2. This was hilarious! Thanks Steve!

  3. I remember seeing this when it actually aired. I was disappointed Cartoon Network never gave it a chance. If I recall right, CN had several pilots that they were putting into the hands of their viewers and this is one that didn't make the cut. I never looked into it so whether that was actually a "viewer" decision or not I don't know.

    Considering some of the tripe they run these days and the ridiculous "live action" garbage they put on a "CARTOON" network Korgoth had the potential for success that the Venture Brothers, Sealab, or Metalocalypse got.

  4. Nice job on the dark eldar wracks.