Tuesday, 28 December 2010

And who the hell am I?

They call me Mungo the Shrugger!

Sorry, that was a very obscure geek reference but I couldn't resist. I'll get onto more constructive info.

I suppose it's best to say a little about myself as I'm not going to assume that everyone who reads this will know who the hell I am, though I'm guessing it will probably start that way as I'm going to have to point people in the direction of this blog.

Well, my name is Steve Buddle and I've been a miniatures enthusiast, in one way or another, for something like 23 years. This means I've seen quite a lot of changes over the years and you can bet that future posts will get onto that subject. Back in '98 I decided to make miniatures my way of making money in the world, starting out as a freelance painter and later learning to sculpt miniatures. Yes, the money is better. I started out working as a trainee miniature sculptor at Wargames Foundry, sharing an office for a while with the legendary Goblinmaster, Kev Adams and getting much sculpting advice from Bryan Ansell and the other sculpting staff of the time, including the Perry Twins and Mark Copplestone. When I moved on from Foundry, I found myself freelancing for companies such as Games Workshop, Dark Age Games and sculpting Fairies for Kenzer. In 2003 I went my own way and setup my own company, Spyglass Miniatures, producing mostly 28mm figures. I'll not go into that much now but I ran it for several years then rebranded and moved over to producing 54mm figures under the name Eolith Miniatures.

Right at the moment I'm making exciting plans for the future as part of my 'seriously, 2011 is going to suck less' approach to my life. But those plans are tales for another day. Suffice to say, as a great bearded man once said, 'the board is set and the pieces are moving'.

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