Saturday, 8 January 2011

Memories are partially made of these...

I've been reflecting upon my career the last few days after posting about how I got started as a sculptor. I thought I'd share a few of the significant events and memories of my professional life in the miniatures industry. So, in no particular order or completeness...

Bryan Ansell offering me a sculpting job at Foundry after only a few sculpts - That was pretty monumental. Foundry was a powerhouse at the time and the trainee sculptor position was one of the most sought after jobs in the industry. Think I ruffled a few feathers by 'jumping the queue' at the time. I think Bryan felt that whereas my sculpting ability wasn't there yet, I showed promise (my finish and proportioning were pretty good and I wasn't scale creeping). I think he liked that I hadn't picked up any bad habits yet. He then found out that I'm not the most mouldable of people. But it was a big opportunity and I learned a lot.

That phonecall to GW Fanatic/Specialist Games - After leaving Foundry but before moving back to Cornwall I phoned GW about their freelance opportunities at Fanatic. And no real interest of course. They had to be getting a lot of these calls and I had the impression that the recipient of my call had been dealing with them. He begrudgingly asked if I had any experience and changed tune sharply when I said I'd been at Foundry for seven months. I met with Jervis the next day and was commissioned the entire Warmaster Dark Elf army on the strength of a single 10mm Norseman. We later found that we'd both got a bit over-zealous in a commission that big and it was a tough ride. We got there in the end of course so it worked out well...

'We're sculpting miniatures based on the art of Brom' - Very quick decision made by myself when this was hollered down the phone at me by one of the founders of Dark Age Games. I do like Brom. He's very awesome.

Femme Militant - John Blanche offering me the opportunity to sculpt a miniature for his Femme Militant range, based on his artwork was a true career highlight for me. I was in very exclusive company on that one and am very proud of what we did (bear with book!). Thanks John!

23rd July 2003 - Or at least I think that's the date. My memory is fuzzy but the logic fits... On that day the coolminiornot online store opened. They were selling just two ranges; Werner Klocke's Freebooter Miniatures and a new range, currently exclusive to their store and run by an up and coming sculptor. Yes, Spyglass Miniatures launched that day; my first foray into the world of running my own minis company.

Well, those are just a few moments that spring to mind. It's been nice to open up the filing cabinets of my mind and reminisce... Aaah....


  1. Great post, as ever, Steve. Love your Femme too!

  2. Great post. Interesting to see how you got to where you are.

  3. Sculpting a miniature for John Blanche's Femme Militant range is something that can only be envied.

    Unfortunately I didn't even have a chance to get any for me. Maybe one day I'll find some on ebay... :|