Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 done! So then, 2012...

2011 was somewhat the year of the Asylum for me. I actually set up in the last days of 2010 in a fit of spontaneity while trying to deal with a very difficult Christmas period (2010 was not a good Christmas for my family) but I consider it something of a new year launch really. I created this blog for a number of reasons, one of which was as a way to externalise my thoughts on minis and gain some perspective as I'd been a bit 'sculptor's block' for a while. All worked out very well on that front and I spent the first few months of 2011 secretly working on a new start for Spyglass Miniatures. It wasn't to be a radical departure but just to get what I wanted straight in my head. Plans involved working with other sculptors and artists too. I came up with some interesting stuff that will obviously not see the light of day now (don't worry, it never got to the point of finished minis) as 2011 had something else in store for me...

So, the GW juggernaut came knocking at my door with questions of whether I might like an actual paying job with crazy things like holidays and so on? Hmm, says Steve. So, I pack my bags and leave Cornwall for the slightly grim alternative of Nottingham (but with a salary and a nice place to work).

The second half of 2011 was mostly about getting used to a 9-5 schedule and discovering that I'm really not used to having proper time off. It did, however, mean that I was a lot more prolific and have been churning out minis at a fair rate that I can neither show anyone nor tell anyone about. You'll see the fruits of my labour eventually but it still feels like a long way off...

2011 was also a year where my hobby mutated. I got very into the idea of painting in quicker ways and making extensive use of washes. I'm learning all the time with this new way and am enjoying it much more than my older meticulous style. Works nicely as I was never able to achieve the level of quality that I wished (seriously, scouring the Eavy Metal cabinets in the studio is a humbling experience).

2011 also saw my first ever placing in the Open at Golden Demon. Picking up my third place behind Mike and Martin was something of a highlight and it was cool to play with my new quick painting techniques on the grander canvas of my Corpse Cart.

So, 2011 is behind me and 2012 has arrived on my doorstep. I'm starting the year with an earache but hopefully that wont be around for too long and things will move forward.

I have all kinds of hobby plans for this year that I will be sharing via this blog. I have one major plan that will be talking about in the coming months but I'm not quite ready yet. I've been somewhat inspired by Migsula's posts about the dream workspace for modelling and painting on his blog Legion of Plastic. Now I'm not planning to do this but what I'm interested in is certainly sharing in the philosophy of doing something with a different approach. But we'll get back to that...

I'm also planning to paint a few small armies now that I'm starting to get the hang of this quick painting lark and have recently started an Eldar force that I'll be sharing before long. This is my first proper foray into army painting for a long while and I plan to follow up with an army for fantasy battle as fantasy is a little more my thing and I think I've chosen which to go for and an interesting theme to go with it.

And I'll try to come up with some random insights into sculpting stuff too.

Thank you to all the readers here for helping make Spyglass Asylum something that I'm immensely proud of. When it comes to the future of this place I have plans within plans within plans...

So, 2012! Going to be interesting. Ahead, groove factor 5. Yeah!


  1. Good luck for 2012! Cant wait to see what you have been sculpting.

  2. Congrats again Steve on what seems to have been a very productive 2011! Can't wait to see the work you've been doing for GW when it gets released. Jebus - is that a photo of your house?

  3. id love an empty zen room - but the trappings of life/artist/minihobyist creates a great deal of stuffe and it just fills up very fast ..... now tell us about that room please .....

  4. Thank you Steve for putting up some of the most interesting content in the hobby blogosphere!

  5. Ms Envy, nope, that is definitely not my house. The room pic is an oblique reference to something that is up and coming on my blog.

    Cool room though and I did spend part of yesterday clearing out the second bedroom of my flat so it's fairly empty. Nice serene environment though that doesn't actually have anything to do with blog plans...

  6. Thanks for some interesting content Steve, working for GW is something of a let down, what I means is I cant afford your miniatures now, but I will go and stare at them in the shop window! :)

    I agree fully with your comments re painting and speeding up the process, been rowing the same boat. I might as well make more effective use of my painting time and sacrifice a desperate time consuming search for quality and settle for an increase in quantity, no one will notice the difference....

    well done

  7. Happy new year Steve. Look forward to seeing what you pop up next on the blog, and I also look forward to (maybe!) showing you the fruits of labour which really should have been out last year! Oh well, it'll make for an enjoyable 2012 I reckon :)

  8. Happy new year. Hope it is a good one for you Steve. I look forward to seeing your first minis released for GW.

  9. '11 was quite a ride for you Steve, that's for sure!

    It has been a true pleasure to follow your steps from indie sculptor to trusty gear of GW engine. I'm glad that we'll be seeing stuff sculpted by you in Warhammer frames.

    My brains are still mutating from fallout generated by our rat trip to Nottingham...