Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pruning and so on...

Okay, hello to the inmates of the Asylum old and (surprisingly) new. Obviously it's been a vast while since I posted on here and this isn't really a post of much content but it is not without purpose...

Looking back at this blog I'm rather proud of it and while it's no longer my mad rambling diary, stream of consciousness and general rant of opinion, I always thought it'd be nice to leave it here and now can probably consider it a body of work regarding the many years of my career prior to my heading off to a certain Citadel...

I popped my head in and found the Asylum still gets a notable amount of daily visitors and that, I feel, justifies it staying put. Plus I like to delve back in and read posts once in a while. Spyglass Asylum was often a place for me to blurt out my thoughts in a way that would externalise them and give me better perspective upon my own opinions. It's often surprising just how much the process of writing things down can make you realise that your actual thoughts on a subject weren't quite what you thought you thought (damn you brain!).

Of course a few years later a number of those thoughts have mutated into other thoughts and my view on the miniatures has evolved a certain amount. Still, looking back I think I mostly agree with the things I wrote.

So, in the mind of considering this a body of work, I thought I'd pop in, prune a few of the random posts so the remaining content was all minis stuff. And thus it now is.

So, signing off for now. Hope people will continue to enjoy delving into this little asylum (peeling wallpaper and all).

Keep up the craziness guys, I'll get back to making plastic stuff for your future amusement ;)


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