Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Getting Spyglass stuff...

As mentioned, I have now closed down Spyglass but the rights to the figures, old and new, have been picked up by other parties. The same is true for Eolith.

What I can tell you right now...

Heresy Miniatures have picked up the rights to nearly all the 28mm (and thereabouts) figures that I have produced. That's at www.heresyminiatures.com

The zO range of figures have been picked up by Elodie Mae at www.elodiemae.com

The 54mm Eolith figures have also found a new home and I'm sure that the new owner will announce them in due course.

So, no panic. If you missed out on stuff (quite easy as I never did a big public closing sale) then it should all turn up again elsewhere before long.


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  2. hey there!

    after much waiting, I've finally caught up on my blog reading and sorry to hear you've closed shop..! I hope it was a fun journey! I read elsewhere you're off to GW? It'll be interesting to see what they have you work on from here on out!? Maybe you'll be in an area with more than one post office.. lol

    Take care