Saturday, 20 August 2011

Coming up for air...



... GASP!!!

And, despite all rumours that may circulate to the contrary, I'm not dead yet. I have, however, moved 300 miles with only the possessions that would fit in the back of my brother-in-law's car. But I'm now in the wilds of Nottinghamhamshireham or whatever it's supposed to be called and am... in a twist that nobody saw coming, actually working for a living. Going to a place of work and everything. And not wandering off into town for a coffee three times a day when I'm supposed to be making a toy soldier or whatever.

So, what now?

Actually it's something of a difficult question. I find myself in a rather awkward position in many ways. At this point it's rather harder for me to continue exactly as I have as this blog was very much set up via my position as a source internal to the industry but with my ability to be totally impartial as someone with no industry ties. This is not the case anymore as I now have some lovely people employing me (it's a rather less evil place than some might suggest).

In my position as a company man now I'm currently trying to figure out precisely what kind of thing Spyglass Asylum will contain from now on. I want to remain relevant and interesting without just being a mouthpiece for whatever mini I just painted (for obvious reasons I can't post what I'm sculpting now).

So, please be patient while I work this stuff out. Maybe some kind of hobby thing will mutate out of all this. Have been told many times I should do some sculptural jewellery. Maybe I'll do something off the wall like that and share it. Or something else equally as mad. Watch this space... err... please!


  1. Absolutely awesome! interesting, humourous, has things to look forward too in the content, and lets peeps who do know you hear what you're doing... i expect an update at least once a week please! lol

    its still weird not seeing you when im reading outside wig n pen!

    good to see you doing something for you to get you where you want to be in life! high five mate, this is a good read! x

  2. So good to hear from you!
    Nice to know that you are still trying to keep your wonderful blog alive:)
    Also GD closing in...Be prepared when the rats arrive;)

  3. Nice to see you here Dette. Next thing you know we'll have you painting toy soldiers... that's not going to happen is it?

    And, yes, trying to keep the blog alive in some shape or fashion. We'll be ready for the rat invasion when it comes...