Sunday, 21 August 2011

So I lamped him...

A lot of my latter freelance and independent sculpting days were spent working on finer details than my normal blank canvas style. I commented often about practically living under my optivisor and I was developing a hump for all the leaning forward...

Now I'm working under new lamps and it's been something of a revelation. My previous setup was two angle poises with 32watt daylight bulbs in each. Seemed pretty good. Now I'm using a non-flicker strip light with three tubes in it. More light and it's setup for minimal glare. It's been an utter revelation. Even working fine detail I rarely have to resort to the optivisor. It should say something that I'm feeling more comfortable now sculpting 9-5 than I was before sculpting intermittently.

So, whether sculpting or painting, be good to yourself and get proper lighting. It can get pretty expensive but it's money well spent if it makes your work more comfortable and better with it.


  1. Good to know, Steve!

    Which lamps are they? "The Daylight Company" ones? (Any model number on there, my lamps only have two strips in them)

  2. Yep, Daylight Company. Triple Bright Lamp. D32500. Very awesome.

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for the tip. I've been looking online for a lamp, but I've noticed that only the most expensive Daylight Company desk lamp is listed as flicker-free. This seems to be a recent change as some retailers are selling cheaper Daylight Company lamps as flicker free.

    If the D32500 does the trick that's good to know. The lamp listed as flicker free is over 100 quid more expensive...