Monday, 21 March 2011

Under the radar 1... Paul Muller...

We look to the internet for everything these days and there's an assumption that everything is out there and usually easy to find. Not always the case.

Today I am going to talk a little about Paul Muller. He turned up last on my list of sculptors who I greatly admired and the point is that you can't seem to find pictures of the work of his I'd like to show on the net. I'm sure you're all thinking that his sculpts are around and not well hidden. Yep, that's true but I'm talking about his painting...

Yes, Mr Muller is one of the finest miniature painters I have come across. Very much a single figure painter and his work is rich and intensely well painted. Beautiful stuff. Paul was once an Eavy Metal painter and then moved into sculpting. It was at this point we got to see the best of his painting with an entry or two into the Open Competition at Games Day and paintjobs on the figures he sculpted for GW such as his Chaos Cultists, Dark Eldar Urien Rakarth and the Diggas from Gorkamorka. Incredibly beautiful paintjobs all...

Can I find them on the net? Can I hell!

As if to prove my point, I'm writing this post about a painter whose work I love and yet am not showing a single example. It's not by choice I assure you. Hopefully I'll be visiting my parents' at some point and will be able to rifle my old White Dwarfs for pics but for now I can only say 'he was great'. Does Paul ever pick up a paintbrush these days. Who knows? If not it's a shame as his work was gorgeous.

BUt then we come to an interesting point and one I'd like to make as this blog post seems pointless otherwise due to the lack of pics. We often assume that we see all the great paintjobs as they're on the net but there are loads of amazing painters out there whose works we never see.

Just in case you ever think you've seen it all...


  1. Oh, and just in case anyone's google-fu is stronger than mine feel free to post links to Paul's paintjobs here in the comments area :)

  2. Sir, your google-fu is strong ;)

    Lovely work on that Azrael. His personal work later was even better.