Saturday, 11 June 2011

More paintjobs...

Still playing with my washes...

My latest Spyglass release was a good chance to try out my technique in an emergency as I had to paint three figures in short order.

First up was the 32mm version of my old 54mm Eolith sculpt, Autumn. Perversely my newer sculpting style meant that the small version had more detail than the large but that's the way it goes. Still, new painting technique meant she still didn't take much over an hour.

A quick basecoat over black of mostly Foundation paints. Flesh was Tallarn mixed with Skull White. The green is Knarloc with a little Dheneb Stone and the brown is Calthan with a little Dheneb Stone. I two toned the corset to bring out the swirls (just a little extra Dheneb).

Custom brown wash all over. Thraka Green Wash over the green to take a little dirtiness out of it and then Gryphonne Sepia over the whole fig. I added a few careful highlights using the basetones mixed with Gryphonne Sepia and she was done. Bit fiddly on the highlight stages but she came out quite nicely.

Next up were the zombies...

The fat guy zombie was just a dream to paint. Flesh was Dheneb Stone with a little Gretchin Green. Darkened the mouth and eyes. Painted the teeth and white of the eyes in pure Dheneb. Khemri Brown with a little Dheneb for the trousers and Dheneb alone for the trousers.

Custom Brown wash all over then Gryphonne Sepia all over. Finally sploshed a couple of layers of Baal Red for the Blood. Done. About thirty minutes painting, if that. Very happy. The little girl was similar. Flesh was Dheneb with a little Mordian Blue in it. The dress a mix of Mechrite Red and Iyanden Darksun. I added a slight highlight to the dress with a little extra Darksun in it. But the same washes and blood stages. You kind of lose the bloodied eye in the photos...

Anyway, just a few hours painting and my month's releases are done. Went rather well all in. Certainly beats slaving away for days...

Should you be interested in these figures they're over at


  1. Looks very cool. I painted your 54mm Autumn so I will grab the 32mm one for sure.


  2. Wow - these are amazing Steve! I am really inspired. Can you tell us again what your custom brown wash is??? Xx

  3. My custom wash is a pot of Gryphonne Sepia with a little Asurman Blue added to neutralise the richness and then a touch of Baal Red to take the resulting green tinge out.

    You end up with a nice mid/light brown wash that doesn't yellow things like Gryphonne and isn't so dark as Devlan Mud. Useful stuff...

  4. Sounds similar to my secret recipe! Oh well the cats out etc.

    Great effects. Particularly like the little girl and the Elf(?). I prefer my Zombies a bit more goopy green.