Thursday, 16 June 2011

A pack of rats... with spikes...

Spyglass Asylum is my fairly analytical stream of consciousness regarding the design and manufacture of minis from the point of view of someone inside the industry. Much of this is with regards to the design, sculpture and painting of the minis themselves.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to another blog I read: Spiky Rat Pack. This blog is the home of okkiW and izeColt, two insane hobbyists sharing said insanity with the world. I'm linking there because it's almost an opposite and counterpart to what I do here. I talk the creation of miniatures from my experience and analysis of the industry as I see it and the 'spikys' cover much of the same ground but from the perspective of someone not yet sucked right in to the industry and they do it with an enormous amount of enthusiasm (and there's talent to go with it).

I'm not going to share pics of their works here but instead will just offer you the link to go and check their stuff out. I'm watching their many crazy projects with interest and am greatly looking forward to seeing where it all ends up.

Just click below to enter their world...

Spiky Rat Pack


  1. Thank you very much for the introduction and support! We at the Spiky feel priviledged to have such a splendid fellow like you following our blog, giving us guides and constructive criticism.

  2. No probs, I enjoy reading it and am happy to have leant a helping hand.