Thursday, 21 April 2011

Been busy...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been a tad busy with one thing or another and some of these blog posts can be rather time-consuming to put together (when I'm supposed to be doing something else).

I don't really have anything major to say today, just wanted everyone to know I haven't forgotten about the blog. There's going to be a post very soon about my adventures in painting with Citadel Washes (I've been messing about a lot). There's a Space Monkey among them... but I need to set up a decent photography area to take proper photos.

In other news, things are starting to crystallise with regards to what I do next after resting the Eolith ranges. I've been mulling over a number of plans and have something I'd like to have a go at (and have even sculpted some stuff). Possibly a little different for me. But that's a tale for another day.

Hmmm... I should really offer some sort of useful info in this post.

... hokay!

Take a new pot of Gryphonne Sepia wash and add a few drops of Asurman Blue wash into it. This results in a lovely neutral brown wash that is much lighter than Devlan Mud which tends to darken things too much for my liking and doesn't heavily give a yellow tint like the sepia. A useful pot of paint to have...


  1. Hmm, i will try out that wash recipe. My asurmen blue has hardly been opened since i bought the set!


  2. Talking about Citadel Washes... Has anyone else experienced a glossy result after using, for example, Badab Black?

    And thank you Steve for Gryphonne+Asurman hint! I'll definitely try this out. I've tried to avoid Devlan Mud lately just because it tends to darken things too much.

  3. Never had anything but a dead flat result from the Citadel Washes. Bad batch perhaps?

  4. RSS feeds mean never having to say you're sorry for not posting.

    I water down the washes quite a bit to decrease their effect, but they lose their characteristic viscosity. Thanks for the tip; a lighter brown that is just as thick sounds handy.

  5. I'd like to thin the washes for that kind of purpose but, you're right, it changes how they work dramatically. That's why I'd love to see a clear version available for cutting the washes for different transparency and intensity.