Friday, 29 April 2011

Space Monkey...

Like many long-time GW geeks I was overjoyed to discover that the new Grey Knight Codex would have a Jokaero model in it and that there would be a model produced. Unsurprisingly I purchased one.

The advantages of my new-found painting style were put into immediate action. As said, I tend to lose interest so I need to act quickly. I purchased my Jokaero on the Saturday morning of release and painted it that very afternoon. Took around 45 minutes.

Normally I use black undercoat but I had a plan for this one that meant using white. Basecoat was a dull flesh colour over the exposed skin and some quick highlights with mithril silver on his weapon array and digital weapons. I left the fur as white undercoat. I painted a layer of Devlan Mud on his underside, right over the white undercoat just to dull it down. Then, my custom Gryphonne Sepia/Asurman Blue mix over the flesh and Badab Black over the metal. Then came the fur. Three coats of Gryphonne Sepia straight over the white. Finally another coat of Sepia over the whole figure and a little retouching on the silver plus black for the eyes. Bingo: Space Monkey.

Came out nicely.


  1. 45mns for such a result, quite impressive. It looks great. I've kept your receipe (sepia/blue ink) in the back of my head since your previous post, must use it.

  2. Very interesting - have you tried a recipe for a quick wash technique for orc flesh out yet? Would be interested to see it or listen to any theory you have?

  3. Haven't tried an Orc yet but would think it'd work well. Skin I'd try a mix of Dheneb Stone and Gretchin Green. Maybe a highlight. Then either Thraka Green or my Gryphonne Sepia/Asurman Blue mix. Finally Gryphonne Sepia. I think that'd work. Must give it a shot sometime...

  4. You have to be nuts! this is just sepia washes over white !? GW should pay you sir, you've sold the product to this now true believer.

    Seriously now, your technique looks simple, practical for gaming (to whom that may concern) and of course fun. Sometimes the fun factor gets lost in the painting process.

    It's amazing how sepia, a color with shades of green and yellow (take vallejo's sepia watercolor for instance) do leave an orange-ish finish to fur. Maybe citadel's sepia is the warm one like old photos unlike vallejo's.

    Great work.

  5. Yep, Sepia over white. The GW sepia wash is pretty much a yellowy orange.

    Yes, this technique is fairly practical so I might end up painting an army of something soon. Could be a fun one.

    Tempted by Vampire Counts and still looking at Dark Eldar...

  6. Holy cow... 45 minutes? That's incredible, Steve - for the longest time, I've avoided getting washes. I think you just convinced me. (O_O) Looks like it took hours!

  7. Welcome to the club, Martin...

    Me got a couple of citadel's washes today and can safely say I've been not buying anything citadel-gw related for the past 10 years (with the exception of a foundation fleshtone since curiosity took control over me).

    I can easily imagine skeletons and such done in that way but I'm kinda curious about how the more fleshed out undead would turn out, I meant them looking so colorful (flesh ranges from greens to purples...)

    I've been wondering about how you'd do the dark eldar but then the LOTR wraith from the previous post came to my mind.

    IMHO DE will be faster business but vampire counts a funnier one cause the variety of textures to play with (mummy bandage, bones, reds for the vamps, weird colored flesh...)

  8. Steve - this is awesome and very inspiring. Must give it a go soon! Keep up the great work. Xx

  9. Gryphonne Sepia, it's what's for dinner.

    It looks wicked dude, Sepia is awesome and I'm gonna be interested to see other articles with the SteveTM 'Asurmen Sepia' tone ;-)

  10. Not a monkey - an ape! This fellow would not merely give you a fist to the head the Librarian is prone to, having digital weapons at his disposal.

  11. Wondered how long it'd take for someone to mention that...

    Though I have to say that the Jokaero is no more an ape than it is a monkey. It's an alien that happens to look rather like one.

    Technically I am correct: the best kind of correct.

    It's a good day when you can start it by quoting Futurama :)