Saturday, 9 April 2011

Three months in... and a bit...

Well, the Asylum is still hobbling along in it's own special way and I'm still finding things to talk about once in a while so it's all good. Hopefully people are still interested in what I have to say.

Just past 12000 page views over the course of the blog since the beginning.

In march I had exactly 5001 page views. That was pretty awesome.

70 followers now. Hi everybody!

The vast majority of page views come from the UK. Surprisingly, Finland is second with the USA just behind.

Most of you are using Firefox.

Two thirds of readers are using Windows (I'm not one of them).

The most popular of my posts was the one about the Great Spined Dragon and it's general excellence.

So, at this juncture I should like to ask you all... what would you like to see from Spyglass Asylum in the coming months?


  1. Go Finland go!!

    I just love everything what's posted here!!
    Altought i would like to see some more tutorials and those wonderfull insightful articles conidering this hobby and sculpting..) more thing, many times your blog entries generate very interesting conversations with the readers (especially concidering that this blog has some very respected readers=) those conversations take those well written articles even further!

  2. According to the stats it aint broke, so I would suggest a bit more of the same?

    I'm the other third, but then I'm mac'd. No I'm not from Finland either..


  3. With regards to the type of content - more of the same please.

  4. I think I'd like to see free beer and and ho's for the U.K sculpting posse.

  5. Yup, don't fix what ain't broken. I especially like your thoughts on industry news, industry events, production methods, and industry trends.

  6. ? it's odd the amount of text-only posts in a blog related to miniatures. I know this is no showcase but it's frequently to find tons of theory, rambling and personal opinions here but rarely images to go with them contents.

    BTW hi5 from Spain.

  7. Amongst the picture frenzy miniature gallery blogs, Spyglass Asylum is refreshingly different and pleasure to dig in. I don't mind if there are very few pics in here, 'cause if I want to search for inspiration and admire other hobbyists' work, I'll go to CMON.

    This blog's long and analytic insights have really given me much to chew and wonder. I wouldn't change the thing!

  8. The general problem with adding pics is that those long and analytical postings take a while to write and I don't really have the time to prepare relevant pictures too. If something really needs to be shown then I try to add a pic or two but frequently it's surplus to requirements...

  9. More of the same please (with a few pictures where appropriate) :}

    Your thoughts/musings make genuinely interesting reading (as do those of the various other miniatures industry titans when they choose to materialise).

    Keep it up, but don't neglect the sculpting.

  10. i'd like to hear more insight about sculptors .. those were my favorite posts from you, I loved your insight...

    i'd also like to know which sculptor you think has the most detailed sculpts

  11. Detailed sculpts is probably an easy question though, and I probably wouldn't get too much argument. At 28mm (or thereabouts) I still see that Tom Meier is a level above anyone in the industry. I find his work absolutely fascinating though it's not a style that I'm especially attracted to as a painter. Still the technical precision is utterly staggering.

  12. Hi from round the corner. I like flicking in and out of your blog, it's always an interesting read. I don't know much and anything really but it's worded in a way I can make sense of things and I appreciate understanding other peoples viewpoints. Keep up this blog, I'm a keen reader (when i'm not travelling over a 1000 miles in 3 days!)