Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ogres style makeover...

Today I'd like to put on my best Daytime TV Personality cheesy grin and bad suit to talk about a couple of miniatures that I would love to do a modern day resculpt of... and they're both GW Ogres.

In both cases they are figures that are remarkable for their age (both hailing from the mid eighties) but I'd just love to see a modern styled version of. Yes, these are actual projects I am considering doing from a purely hobby standpoint. And yes that means that I wouldn't be selling any. This is just a hobby geek thing...

First off we have Hrothyogg, a genuine classic of 80s Warhammer and, if memory serves was in the top ten Warhammer Miniatures of all time when this was run down on the GW website (pretty sure it was a public vote).

Yep, he's pretty awesome and, after many years of not owning one, I finally got my grubby mits upon one a few weeks ago (thanking kindly one of the readers on here). I think I shall be drowning him in Gryphonne Sepia pretty soon...

I've been thinking about an Ogre army for myself a fair bit over the years and I'd love this guy to lead them. Just one problem. As lovely as he is, stylistically he doesn't fir with modern GW Ogres and he's also pretty tiny in comparison. So, I'm thinking about sculpting my own new version the size of a Tyrant. Will probably make some design changes but would basically be this guy in the same pose but with the size and anatomical type of the new Ogres.

Secondly up is another Ogre from another game: Blood Bowl. I have a love of Blood Bowl going WAAAY back and have had the honour of sculpting a couple of teams for GW in the past. Fun projects both. The Ogre in question is the original Ogre from 1st edition Blood Bowl. Very small by Ogre standards but, for me, the best design of a Blood Bowl Ogre ever.

Like Mr Hrothyogg, it's about updating the size and style rather than the design. He'd be a great centrepiece for a new Blood Bowl team. Built like a tank and spiky like a porcupine.

Maybe I'll find the time one of these days.

It all feeds back into that idea of dream miniatures. The ones we wish we had. As a sculptor who has run his own companies I've mostly been able to achieve these (such as my 54mm Dracula which I really must paint one of these days) but others are not my IP and thus are a problem unless I can find some disposeable sculpting time. These are just two of my dream sculpts; two of the ones based on GW's IPs but there are others and I'll probably talk about them sometime.

Curiously enough, one of my dream sculpts was Mean Machine Angel from the Judge Dredd universe. I actually got to sculpt him early in my career. I'd have loved to take a better stab at that with the benefit of some actual skill... but might happen as a hobby project one day. Plus we like Mean not having any hands to sculpt... I mean... that's the sculptor's dream...

And Steve has blathered once more (with pics).


  1. Both Jes Goodwin sculpts, IIRC. Hrothyogg is one of my faves too and also one I'd have a crack at doing an homage piece for.

    Hopefully I wont be shooting myself in the foot by saying that I prefer these older style Ogres to the big fatties around at the moment.

  2. Kevinicus Againicus12 April 2011 at 19:12

    I've had a look through my dusty display cabinet I've just found my copy. If I can sweet talk Sal in to taking his photo I'll get him online to show of his 25 year old paintjob :D

  3. 99% sure Jes sculpted Hrothyogg and I'm pretty sure the Blood Bowl one too (though stand to be corrected on that one).

    I like both styles of Ogres. There's obviously a massive difference in their styles and I barely see them as the same species. It's one of the reasons I'd love to sculpt a new Hrothyogg; taking the two dissimilar styles and mashing them into one figure. The Blood Bowl Ogre would be less of a change with the size being the only real alteration.

  4. In general terms I like old minis better than their actual counterparts (think pre-gorkamorka style orcs n goblins i.e.)

    Hrothyogg was quite popular back then, as I can recall him featured many times in the very first (maybe second) golden demon books.

    Thanks for taking into account previous suggestions (pics! yay! :D) IMHO those served a purpose in a post like this.

    BTW have you considered doing it backwards ? I meant... the new ones are the scale creeps so, why not sculpting a bunch of them smaller to fit Hrothyogg ?

    I got a bit sick time ago about those size scalation wich if continues retro-feeding itself will end up with 50 mm articulated "miniatures". Maybe someone (hobbyists) should stop that from happening.

    Denizen miniatures come to my mind. Nice 25 mm miniatures.

  5. I do love Jes' C23 Giant Ogres. I got 2 of them when they came out, Matthog and the berserker and I've been looking for the rest ever since I got back into minis again. They've either been ruinously expensive or I get sniped on ebay. Shazbat!

  6. They're good.. but I favour the C23 Giant Ogres, I think there was an Ogre gladiator similar (but better)to the Bloodbowl version you're fond of.

    All these (along with the Eternal Champion boxed set.. Kev/Jes's Machineries of Destruction, and quite a bit of other stuff from that GW era)would be dream figures to own.

    - I'd tend to think of Dream figs in terms of stuff that hasn't been done, or done convincingly.. yet.

  7. I am luckly enough to have got Hrothyogg in my mini collection. Definitely one of my favourites. I wish GW would re-release some of these fantastic classic sculpts.

  8. I agree with the sentiments on the C23 range, one of the star ranges of the mid 80's, painted two in 87 still have the rest to do!

  9. Any progress on getting this guy painted yet, Steve?

  10. Not as yet. I've been playing a lot with a totally different painting style the last month or so and want to paint Hroth using it but want to get the kinks ironed out first. Hopefully soon.

    Painted the GW Space Monkey the other day though. That went pretty well...

  11. Great minis both of them.
    If you do make an updated Hrothyogg ... and you make a spare ...

    Hrothyogg first appeared in WD 79 (along with Skragg the slaughterer) as the first two of the new C23 citadel Ogres. (Although jes had already made more of these) ... £1.99 each ... Happy days. This issue was also memorable as the one with the John Blanche Chaos deamonette on the front cover. (another great mini as it goes).

    He had a great bit of background which explained the gut plate (which has now become such a part of the Warhammer Ogre look).

    Captain of the horrible Ogre Pay-swords Hrothyogg's name ranks alongside Golgfag as one of the most infamous mercenaries ever to serve in the bloody Dwarf-Gobilin wars, usually on opposing sides.

    To honour their god 'The great Maw' it was the custom of the ogres to finish the battle with a great eating match., the winner claiming 'the belt of the eater', the greatest trophy of the northern clans. During one such binge, Hrothyogg became the only Ogre to out eat Golgfag by devouring an entire Halfling village (including livestock, and a haystack to prevent constipation) in a match lasting three days and tree nights. Hrothyogg has been the holder of the sacred belly guard ever since.

    I hope that provides some inspiration.
    I expect to see a devastated Halfling village on the scenic base. :D

  12. Excellent mini's, I one day hope to own the entire Citadel C23 range of Ogres. I have two Hrothyogg miniatures and I have to say they rank right up there as my favorite old-school mini's of all time, along with the executioner, horned mutant ogre and Scragg himself. Looking forward to your project.