Friday, 11 February 2011

Best Sculptor in the World: Post 3...

So far, JAG and Brian Nelson have made my three best list and there's one spot left. Who gets the final spot. Well, for me, the final spot had to go to someone whose work constantly astounds me. Ladies and Gents, I give you MIKH.

I watched a Miniature Mentor video of MIKH at work and he shares the secret of his amazingly precise and refined work. It's not a trick though, he just takes the time to make it perfect. From what I hear, often a long time and the results show in his work. I also love that in the modern minis world of that constant striving for total realism, MIKH's work maintains a character and exist as an extension of the old-school styles of mini sculpting; Classical but on a totally different level. I see these works and it makes me want to weep at times...

This forst example of his works is a Templar Knight type from the game Hell Dorado. It's a wonderfully characterful miniature and it screams with drama without resorting to any cheap tricks or fudging of details. Plus it shows something that still baffles me. I've tried sculpting in Fimo as MIKH does and I have found, as most others have, that it's nearly impossible to sculpt chainmail in the material. I think there's one reason why Rackham avoided it like the plague on their figures. But here it is. Perfectly sculpted chainmail in Fimo and, not only that, it's over the curved surface of his head. That's brutally awkward to get looking right. I own this figure and it's truly lovely. And, shockingly, smaller than it looks.

Here we have an Orc from Warcraft. Now the Warcraft style isn't something I'm especially interested in but look at the craftsmanship and the clean lines. There are just no cut corners here. In other views there is detail on the hammer than looks like it was milled by machine such is the level of precision.

This figure from the boardgame Claustrophobia shows that MIKH is never hiding the sound fundamentals of sculpting behind a facade of details. It's a simple sculpt but has a finish and character that is rarely equalled (check out the work on the arms).

Finally, take a look at this closeup of MIKH's sculpt for John Blanche's Femme Militant line. I'm glad I never saw this before sculpting my addition as I'd probably have been too scared to participate (actually that's not true. I'd still have sculpted the figure but the thought would have occurred). There's just so much going on here. Textures, details and silky smooth skin. My only disappointment n this figure is that, to my knowledge, she never saw production as I'd love to have grabbed one. And then been scared to paint it (and then I'd better read my old post on fear miniatures).

Really, I only have one problem with MIKH's work at all, and it's not really a problem as such. For the most part MIKH has worked on projects that don't really interest me especially. I'm not really into straight sci fi so Infinity never appealed, nor Warcraft. Hell Dorado had some interesting pieces and I have the Templar as mentioned. So, my biggest problem is I haven't seen MIKH sculpting on the ranges I'm into. I'm sure the time will come...

So, that's my three best. I'll be following up with a post talking in brief about the many sculptors whose work I love but didn't make my final list. Because it could easily have been my twenty favourite sculptors, but that would have gone on forever...


  1. one of a few femmes that never made production - there was a few test shots about - cant remember how many or where they went - mikh was one of a few sculptors who could not confine himself to rendering a copy of the art - he took it much further - a true artist ....... whats he up to these days - dust ? - infinity ?

  2. Sculpting is still very much a mystery to me and I think you're all perveyors of darks arts along with wearthermen and car mechanics but I have enjoyed reading this insight. Thanks Steve:)

  3. Great stuff Steve. Some great inspiration there for the aspiring sculptors like me whoa re still baffled by how you guys do it. Thanks.

  4. I would love to see some more fantasy minis from MIKH, I really liked the Helldorado sculpts. At the moment I think MIKH is doing some minis for Kingdom Death, Soda Pop, and coolminiornot. MIKH may have also done some work for Forge World?

  5. Yeah, I'd love to see some straight fantasy from MIKH. He sculpted the Dark Angels Dreadnought for Forgeworld. I don't know a great deal of what he's doing right now but I'm sure whatever he does will be astounding when it turns up.

  6. Hello Steve! And many thanks for your kind words concerning my works!
    I'm very proud you consider me as one the best sculptors! The funny thing is I told JAG just yesterday about your previous article :)

    You know I did sculpt lot of fantasy models, back then in Rackham studio, but none were known as my works... I actually am working on few projects, part are manga/scifi style, part are.... pure fantasy! So, you will be pleased before the end of this year!

    J.B... Is that John? I tried to reach you so many times!
    If so, may you send me your current address email please? Will be in touch.

    And the next of my models to be released will be a tiny .... robot for Soda Pop! Very very soon.

    Again many thanks Steve,
    Sure there will be more fantasy soon ;)


  7. yeah thats me - same address as before but steve will remind you of it if you have forgot - good to hear from you and its seems an odd twist of fate that degra is now with us .....