Sunday, 6 February 2011


I've been on house tidying duties over the last couple of days. This morning my work desk got 'the treatment' and, as it's looking nice and neat I thought I'd show you where I do my sculpting at the moment.

It's a rather smaller space than you might expect but I try to keep it fairly contained. The grand tour goes as such.

For lighting I have a single angle-poise lamp which has two bulb options at the moment. Currently it's using an incandescent 100 watt daylight bulb. At this time of year I'm glad of the amount of heat it kicks out and the lamp itself is designed to handle larger bulbs (most are limited to 60 watt and I've burned a few out in the past). For summer months I switch to a daylight fluorescent bulb which stays nice an cool.

The second lamp runs a regular 60 watt reflector bulb and I use it to speed up the curing of epoxy putty projects when required.

To the right I have a stack of drawers to keep all my... err... crap in and it doubles as a stand for my laptop which gives me access to the net for references and provides my entertainment (usually US sitcoms in vast doses).

Pinboard for other references.

Box of tools (naturally).

My Optivisor is hung on the wall for easy access. I use this if I need to do very fine detail work or require extra precision.

To the left you'll notice a curved piece of paper has been blutacked into place. This is my emergency photo booth. With a quick twirl (and 1980s style transforming sound) my lamp springs into action for me to take quick photos. Handy for WIPs to send out to clients.

Pics are taken with my iPhone as it's very convenient and, shockingly, it takes decent mini pics... see below.

So, that's the grand tour. It'll get a lot less tidy in the nearest of futures...


  1. I love seeing peoples work areas. Thanks for posting the pics.

  2. i love the minimalist clean sweep - i try but cannot avoid the clutter of time collected stuff however people expect that i would be surrounded bi vast collections of miniatures and paintings but the opposite is true - about 20 minis and one framed 13 century monks plague text on vellum ....

  3. This is great! Which model of iPhone are you using for your photos? I have an old 3G and it's absolutely useless for shooting minis photos. Also, great to see such a well-organized minimalist workspace.

  4. It's an iPhone 4. Cam is really good, especially for closeups like this.

    And my workspace is quickly becoming less well organised and minimalist...

  5. There is an element of serenity when seeing your paint desk. Very much cornish, realatively untouched and quite beautiful in it's own way. My desk, much like the WD pics of Dave Andrews workspace is like the London of a desk, it's no wonder you get stuff done and I sit here musing over the thousands of random Orc heads which keep appearing.

    On your point about the camera phones, ok I'll conceed that apple have got it right on the camera quality of thier iPhone, but that's all your getting out of me sir!